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Second Unit Center San Meteo County Second Unit Inspiration

Granny flat, in-law suite, accessory dwelling unit (ADU), converted garage, backyard cottage, basement apartment - whatever you call it, get inspired to build one in San Mateo County!



Second Unit Center San Meteo County Second Unit Workbook

A tool for homeowners considering building a second unit in San Mateo County, California



Building an ADU Guidebook To Accessory Dwelling Units In The City Of Los Angeles

This guidebook can help you plan your project with step by step directions, it is well illustrated. While it is from the City of Los Angeles, the process of planning your project is well described here. The ADU guidebook was produced in conjunction with AB2299, the land use bill that makes it much easier to build an accessory dwelling unit in the state of California. This guidebook helps you to get started and to prepare the basic information you will need to give your City, your lender, your designer, and your contractor. When you have taken photographs, measured your backyard, and sketched your idea for an ADU, as this guidebook illustrates, you will be well on your way. If you would like support with that, there are many places to find people with skills and knowledge to help with these tasks, as you can see, including a local contractor, who should have experience with local planning departments in building ADUs and will also have suggestions on what they see that works for projects like yours.


Building an ADU - Guidebook To Accessory Dwelling Units In The City Of Los Angeles

Small Home | Big Impact Homework-Assignment

This homework assignment on developing a site plan is published by Housing Trust Silicon Valley as part of their ADU support program as they work to bring about more affordable housing for people in Silicon Valley (shared w/ permission). This can help you learn how to create a plan for your project to use when applying for our building permit. SVHT also has an excellent free full day workshop on building your ADU where presenters will share about different aspects of building and also renting your ADU. Your local planning department or an experienced local builder can tell you what is required to get a building permit. Since impact fees are no longer to be charged in the State Of California for ADUs, this is a very nice savings!


Small Home | Big Impact - Homework-Assignment

The ABCs of ADUs A guide to Accessory Dwelling Unitsand how they expand housing options for people of all ages

The ABC's of ADUs is an excellent illustrated booklet by the American Association of Retired People (AARP) which discusses varieties of Accessory Dwelling Units, advantages of having an ADU, understanding the zoning code, and more.


The ABCs of ADUs from AARP