Tiny Houses not legal, or are they?

These are Tiny Homes on Foundations not wheels in this case, althought they ARE legal on wheels in some places!
Our Statement on the ADU Process, by Crystal and Josh Serrano

As we started building and getting a lot of inquiries, we received a call from a Bay Area neighbor in Pacifica. Due to the (il)legality of tiny homes we ventured to get our plans approved by the city of Pacifica with the intention of our tiny home on wheels being placed as a legal ADU in our neighbor’s backyard. Once we submitted the plans for our tiny home, the city came back with 30 corrections. We knew it was going to take some time, but we persisted and believed that we could make it work. One of the corrections required that our plans be approved by HCD, the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

When we called to inquire, we were transferred back and forth trying to find the correct person to speak to. We met a lot of uncertainty and outright rejection by some who repeated over and over that tiny homes are not legal in the state, which was understandable. After many phone calls and some time of trying to maneuver our way within the system, we got ahold of the right person, the HCD District Representative, who was willing to help. He informed us that although tiny homes are not legal, there are ways to have our plans approved as long as we followed the guidelines of FBH, factory built homes. We ventured again into another task of finding the right people to certify our plans. We called many California state approved inspectors, but met a lot of hesitation as well as some making it seem like an impossible task, until we found the right person again.

This person guided us through the whole process, and went out of his way to help us succeed. We believe that our Bay Cottage model is now the first tiny home on wheels to have the plans approved by the state of California to be a legal FBH, and can be used as an ADU. After a few months of working diligently towards this goal, our plans have been approved and stamped by the city of Pacifica. Although it was difficult, with this certification our plans can now be submitted to any planning department throughout California. This puts our customers at an advantage, because it facilitates the ADU process for those who live in areas where tiny homes are not “legal.”

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