Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOWs)

Tiny Homes offer minimalist living & travel with opportunity to creatively design your living space. Unlike traditional RVs, they are typically designed with an open floor plan which does not have the cluttered feel of a traditional RV. Since they need to fit on a trailer to travel, they are typically  8'4" wide to 10 feet wide and some have popouts, porches, roof patios, and extended lofts to give additional space,with as much upward development of space as possible.  

Legally, Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOWs) are recreational vehicles and must meet the standards established for RVs.  I wondered how to tell if a Tiny House I might buy would be well built, and learned that safety, construction, and energy efficiency standards need to be met which include a thorough inspection in order to be certified.

One can build one's own tiny house, buy a shell and complete it yourself or buy it made already the way you want it.  One advantage to buying a completed Tiny House is the buider can get appliances in multiple quantities at a better price than an individual so that savings can help the completed Tiny House be cost effective in comparison to the owner built out model, especially when considering the time savings as well.

I believe that there is something of a love affair starting as people consider the cost of housing in the palces where the most jobs are, cities often becomeing more congested, and the burden of a mortgage, and many are willing to give downsizing a try in order to have the freedom offered by a low cost and beaufiul place to live.  I was just talking yesterday with a lady who is excited to be moving from the bay area this spring to the Sierras, where she is buying her own piece of land near her family, where she can live for so much less money that living in the city is costing her now.  

I read an article yesterday about finding a good place to locate your Tiny House, and it said that as more people become acquaited with the idea of Tiny Homes,many are becoming more open to the idea of renting to someone with a Tiny Home.  It can be a real a win-win plan.  Zoning laws vary, so that can be a big consideration. However some areas do allow Tiny Homes on Wheels to be used as ADUs, so that means you can find someone who will let you rent a spot on their land and there you go!  For urban dwellers, I hear that it is not uncommon for someone to have a pad on their proeprty for the RV they used to have and there are your hookups.