No Impact Fees! More Breakthroughs for ADUs!

From the office of Bob Weikowski, author of recently signed SB 13:  Excerpt from Fact Sheet on SB13:

SB 13 will ease the construction of ADUs by:

  • Requiring local agencies to charge ADUs less than 750 square feet zero impact fees. ADUs over 750 shall be charged proportionately in relation to the square footage of the primary dwelling unit. Local agencies still have the discretion to charge zero impact fees for any sized ADU.  (This is a BIG savings!)
  • Creating an amnesty program that would ease the process of permitting a pre-existing unpermitted ADU until 2030.
  • Clarifying that ADUs count towards RHNA (Regional Housing Needs Allocation, housing policy mandated by the state)
  • Prohibiting owner-occupancy requirements for an ADU for 5 years (Great News for investors!)
  •  Reducing the permit review timeline from 120 days to 60 days ( Great to b e able to move forwrd in a timely maanner!)
  • Deeming an ADU permit application automatically approved if a local agency has not acted upon the application within 60 days. (YES!)
  • Raising the size limit that a local ordinance can impose on an ADU from 150 square feet to at least 850 square feet, or 1000 square feet if the unit consist of more than one bedroom.
  • Preventing homeowners from being required to replace a garage or parking structure when it is demolished to build an ADU.
  • Enhancing an enforcement mechanism that would allow the California Department of Housing and Community Development to ensure local agencies are following the law on ADUs.

Other laws are on the governor's desk and are expected to be signed soon.  More information will be coming soon here so please come visit again.