House or Building Kits

Well, it is interesting to see what can be found in the way of kits with their potential to save money.  We bought an Amish shed kit for an extra unit in our back yard which is technically not a tiny house because there is no bathroom or kitchen. Also it did not come w/ any wiring or insulation. We were pleased with the Amish construction & quality of materials. We use it for a an extra outdoor room, very quiet, by our redwood tree. My husband added quite a lot to it, so althought the price was good we spent more because of the upgrades my husband added, such as insulation, drywall, electricity, flooring, shingles on the roof, etc.  

So, the question is, what are we getting when we buy a kit house or other building structure?  Who makes it and what is their reputation?  Who will put it up and, if hired, what will that cost?  What other costs are not included in the price of the unit we want to buy, such as permits, foundation, utilities, finish work, landscaping?  Lastly, does the model we see and the price match, or is the price for a basic bare bones unit and the picture we see a model with upgrades that are not included in the quoted price?