Free slideshow on building an ADU in Palo Alto

Free monthly slideshow in Palo Alto on building an ADU in your back yard

Cost comparison and building options are included. This is presented as an opportunity for people to learn and discuss their project with a local ADU build team. This is a good place to have a conversation with a project manager who can answer your questions about your local code and what can be built on your property.

Anyone who chooses to work with their build team who is referred by our newsletter can have $300 off the price of their building project, if you tell them that you were referred by The slideshow discusses options in building and estimates ballpark cost for a 500 square foot 1 bedroom ADU to  be about $200,000 and about 20% of that would be the cost of required fees & permits, however, some areas are significantly discounting the cost of fees if an owner will rent to low-income people for 5 years.

Please contact us for an invitation to the slideshow.  An ongoing event, this is a good place to learn how you can move forward.