Breaking News for Tiny House Owners

Los Angeles has just approved Tiny Houses on Wheels!  This is huge. Fresno was the first city to approve Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs) and then later San Luis Obispo.  So many cities and counties not allowing THOWs has been a major barrier to their development as a viable source of housing, to the point that not having a place to park a tiny home can too often be a determining factor in whether or not someone can move forward with their dream to downsize and have the benefits of a less cluttered & less espensive lifestyle. 

In San Mateo county, farm workers can live in trailers (considered a type of RV as are Tiny Homes) but no one else can legally live in trailers (or Tiny Homes or RVs) legally unless they are in a trailer park, which can be ridiculously costly or terribly dumpy; which means that no one can live in an RV or Tiny Home legally, nless they find a place to park on the street which is not exactly a home.

Tiny Houses are actually small enough to fit on the back of a flatbed, which means they are about 8'4" wide, typically, although with a wide load permit to move them they are occasionallly made a bit wider.  This however gives up the opportunity to travel with them.  They can be short, as short as you wish, or long. 

Another barrier to their development has been that they are considered temporary housing, however there is no reason that this has to be, especially when so many people can't afford a bigger house and can afford to buy or build a tiny home for themselves. 

It is very interseting to see how the minimalist lifestyle is catching on, and so many people are giving up the more-is-better attitiude that has been more familiar in the past, especiallly when they throw in the benefits of being able to travel in their tiny house.  

My guess is that with LA legalizing Tiny Homes, other cities will follow and we will be seeing more Tiny Homes in the future!!