Acronyms evolving in the ADUs marketplace

Since ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit, now we also have JADU which stands for Junior ADU, which is a living space less than 500 square feet within a single family home.

Additionally, we have a DADU, which stands for Detached ADU.

You have perhaps heard the term NIMBY, which stands for Not In MY Back Yard, and the corresponding attitude "Nimbyism". Conversely, we also have the term YIMBY, which means Yes In MY Back Yard and YIMBYISM, the belief in and advocacy of the freedom to add additional living spaces on one's property.

Of course the concerns regarding potential overcrowding and parking and corresponding neighborhood changes are real to many. It is an ongoing conversation. Personally, it seems to me that if someone had told the Founding Fathers of our country that they could not build a cottage on their property for family to live in, that would have so left the Tea tax that led to the Boston Tea Party in the dust!