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Good News for ADUs

It seems that the tide is turning among multiple local cities & their planning departments regarding Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs and requirements (and fees at times) are becoming more friendly and conducive to garage conversions, backyard houses, and other ways to develop the capacity of your property. I spoke with Assemblymember Kansen Chu recently about ADUs and he said that there are…

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ADUs from an Investor's Prospective

Since I am interested in rental potential, here is an in-depth 3-part article on projected costs and ROI for an ADU from an investor's perspective, published by Author Kol Peterson in Portland, Oregon.


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What is an ADU?

What is an ADU, you might ask? Well, ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit, which means another building for someone to live in, on your property. Planning departments do not like the term “Tiny Home”, as they often have wheels. They like foundations. So, we use the term ADU which is built to code when talking w/ planning departments.

Speaking of planning departments,…

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