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Significant Brakes on the Development of ADUs

One of these brakes could be fairly easily remedied:

Unreliable appraisals: if someone is going to spend about $200,000-$225,000 for a 500 square foot ADU, how much value will it add to the property?  This, of course, will affect the taxes and insurance as well.

Some say the square footage will count the same as if just added to the main dwelling. However, there is not a standard for…

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House or Building Kits

Well, it is interesting to see what can be found in the way of kits with their potential to save money.  We bought an Amish shed kit for an extra unit in our back yard which is technically not a tiny house because there is no bathroom or kitchen. Also it did not come w/ any wiring or insulation. We were pleased with the Amish…

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Tiny Houses not legal, or are they?

These are Tiny Homes on Foundations not wheels in this case, althought they ARE legal on wheels in some places!
Our Statement on the ADU Process, by Crystal and Josh Serrano

As we started building and getting a lot of inquiries, we received a call from a Bay Area neighbor in Pacifica. Due to the (il)legality of tiny homes we ventured to get our plans approved by…

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