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Greenhouses & Greenhouse Additions on Sale!

Have you ever considered the loveliness of a light-filled space such as a greenhouse addition or backyard living space?  There are greenhouses with fireplaces, greenhouses with pools, greenhouses with kitchens, greenhouses that allow the Light & Colors of the outdoors to be part of your living space.  Greenhouses let the outside in and at the same time extend your living space out into…

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Renting Your ADU Successfully

Do you want to manage your unit yourself or have a property manager take care of it for you?  Property managers often charge about 10% of the rent + a month's rent to get someone in the door (which they may use to cover a referral fee they pay for someone who bring in a renter).

If you want to manage your rental yourself: check references, verify…

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Breaking News for Tiny House Owners

Los Angeles has just approved Tiny Houses on Wheels!  This is huge. Fresno was the first city to approve Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs) and then later San Luis Obispo.  So many cities and counties not allowing THOWs has been a major barrier to their development as a viable source of housing, to the point that not having a place to park a…

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