No Impact Fees! More Breakthroughs for ADUs!

From the office of Bob Weikowski, author of recently signed SB 13:  Excerpt from Fact Sheet on SB13:

SB 13 will ease the construction of ADUs by:

  • Requiring local agencies to charge ADUs less than 750 square feet zero impact fees. ADUs over 750 shall be charged proportionately…

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Planning Departments are A-Changin'

I have been talking with 11 Planning Departments so far and reading about how the opportunities are developing for Tiny &/ or Small Houses in the San Francisco Bay Area and eventually beyond.  I have been looking for where opportunites may be for small houses which…

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Free slideshow on building an ADU in Palo Alto

Free monthly slideshow in Palo Alto on building an ADU in your back yard

Cost comparison and building options are included. This is presented as an opportunity for people to learn and discuss their project with a local ADU build team. This is a good…

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