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We see Tiny Homes, Small Homes, Backyard homes, ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) of various sizes & shapes, whatever we call them, to be a solution to some critical trends happening in our society, particularly in California's San Francisco Bay Area, since this is where we live and housing is particularly tight here. We are happy to help people learn what they can do in their area and move forward with their projects.

We see building ADUs as a way for families to be closer together, while still maintaining their private space and allow flexibility in how the housing is used as people grow and age. ADUs can also be a great source of extra income, adding a rental stream to the budget to supplement income for all ages, especially older people on fixed incomes who need to keep up w/ inflation.

The services we provide are all free to the public, as we get paid a marketing fee by our builders when someone likes and chooses a contractor, pre-fab ADU, or Tiny House from a builder in our network. We help you to save money on your project by sharing a portion of our marketing fee, in the form of a rebate.

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We are looking for reasonable cost, quality production, space & design solutions for you to review. The focus of this site is to provide a big picture of building options, features, and reliable & economical choices for you as well as to share interesting developments in the industry and news of changes in fees & policies regarding ADUs.

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